Ralph Will Present Paper at P^3MA

12th June 2016

Another paper by Ralph Potter et al. has been accepted. Ralph will present "A C++ Programming Model for Heterogeneous System Architecture" at P^3MA '16 at the end of the month. This paper brings together some clear and modern C++ ideas and describes how to compile them for the HSA programming model. Complete with examples and performance numbers!

Ralph Presents Paper at IWOCL

13th May 2015

Today Ralph Potter presented a paper on "Kernel Composition in SYCL" at IWOCL '15. This is also my first paper published based on work at Codeplay, although the work is much more Ralph's than mine by any measure.

Curt Presents Paper at PPPJ

25th September 2014

Today Curt presented our paper "Applying Source Level Auto-Vectorization to Aparapi Java" at PPPJ '14

New Job

22nd September 2014

Although we've done some really interesting research at SSRG it is time for me to do interesting research somewhere else! I now work at Codeplay.

Master's Defenses

7th May 2014

Congratulations to Rob Lyerly and Curt Albert on the successful defense of their Master's theses. They are both student's within SSRG whom I've been helping to supervise through their research. Rob's thesis, "Automatic Scheduling of Compute Kernels Across Heterogeneous Architectures" uses machine learning to map either OpenMP parallel loops, or OpenCL computational kernels to various heterogeneous architectures. Curt's thesis, "Applying Source Level Auto-Vectorization to Aparapi Java" exploits the explicit parallelism in the Aparapi interface to improve the use of vector parallelism in Java.

Workshop Paper

3rd March 2014

The Popcorn Linux project has had a workshop paper accepted at SFMA '14: "Towards Operating System Support for Heterogeneous-ISA Platforms". This is the first paper describing a complete Popcorn system. These are initial results, so not groundbreaking, but it is an important milestone for Popcorn Linux that took a lot of work to reach. This is a kernel-orientated paper, we are of course still working on the compiler components to let us fully support heterogeneous hardware.

Forthcoming Posters

2nd June 2013

Some students that I work will be presenting posters on our on-going work later this month. First, Rob Lyerly is presenting "Automatic Kernel Mapping for Functionally Heterogeneous Parallel Architectures" at HotPar '13 [PAPER] [POSTER]. The first-author of the next poster will be unable to present, but my fellow post-doc Antonio Barbalace will be presenting "Towards Operating System Support for Heterogeneous-ISA Platforms" at Systor '13.

New website

4th February 2013

New website is online! It uses Twitter Bootstrap for layout.

Popcorn Linux website is live

10th January 2013

"Popcorn Linux" was revealed today. The website is now live. Popcorn Linux is a multi-kernel implementation based on Linux. This means that multiple-kernels run on a single machine, with the hardware divided between them. This provides some scalability advantages, but more importantly opens many possibilities on heterogeneous hardware! My primary concern within the Popcorn project is compiler support, but I also have some involvement in other user-space utilities such as our MPI implementation.

PhD Officially Awarded

29th November 2012

My PhD was officially awarded today. Although this was all completed quite some time ago, the official ceremony was today. Unfortunately I couldn't attend due to being busy working on my research, 3000 miles away in Virginia.

Starting a new position

2nd September 2012

Today I start as a post-doctoral associate with the System Software Research Group at Virginia Tech, where I'll be working with Prof. Binoy Ravindran. My primary research area is focusing on heterogeneous compilation within a not-yet-public project. I will also be working with students on other compiler-based projects within the research group, such as HydraVM.

Another journal paper published

2nd July 2012

My paper, Adaptive Source-Level Data Assignment to Dual Memory Banks, has been published in the ACM journal "Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems" (ACM TECS).

LLVM GSoC project proposal accepted

24th April 2012

My LLVM "Google Summer of Code" proposal "Profile-Guided Optimization Enhancements" has been accepted. The title says it all! Currently LLVM support for PGO is very limited and has many problems, I aim to improve that.

Presented at CGO 2012

2nd April 2012

Today I presented my paper Compiling for Automatically Generated Instruction Set Extensions [PDF] at CGO 2012 in San Jose, CA, USA.

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